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Roof Cleaning - Hucknall, Nottingham

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Are you looking for a roof cleaner in Nottingham?

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What is roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning is a process to remove all biological growth from a roof such as algae, mold, mildew, lichens & moss. In some heavily soiled roofs you will even find the growth of grass, small weeds & plants.

Why to carry out moss removal?

A large build up of Moss and biofilm will make your home not only look unsightly but also continuosly fill your guttering and cause it to block, By removing the moss from your roof tiles your guttering can work efficiently without causing you damp within your home.  
When the rain and wind bring moss off the roof it then spreads it onto the ground below which then increases the growth of slippery algae's around your home.
Not only that but moss is a small flowerless plant that will root itself onto your roof tiles and along the mortar on your ridge tiles which causes the deteriation of your roof to be accelerated.

What are the benefits of having your roof kept clean?

All biological growth such as moss on your roof require water and nutrients to survive which is where the deteriation of your roof begins!
As the moss and algae on your roof need food to survive, can you imagine what there faviorate food will be? Your roof tiles, the cement pointing along the valleys and the ridge tiles!
Moss roots itself in damp shaded areas so it will grow under roof tiles raising them up as the moss grows larger allowing water to penetrate your home.
As the moss becomes larger and is unable to cling onto your roof it can then fall down your roof into your gutter causing it to back up and block, it will also cover the ground around your home which increases the growth of slippery algae's.
Keeping your roof clean will keep it functioning correctly allowing the life of your roof to be extended without the need to replace.

How do we remove the moss from your roof?

We safely remove the moss from your roof using a Roof scraping tool designed specifically for your roof tile profile, this is done from a mobile scaffold tower, roof cat ladder or safely from the ground. 

Once we have scraped all moss down your roof we then clear out your guttering for free within the roof cleaning service.

How do we clean your roof?

Once we have carried out the moss removal service we can then clean or treat your roof using a specialist petrol driven low pressure chemichal pump, which allows us to apply a cleaning product onto your roof which will kill all biofilm allowing us to clean your roof safely without the use of a pressure washer. This is Soft washing, it is a very safe method to clean your roof without causing any damage.

Can we pressure wash your roof?

We do not offer roof pressure washing to clean your roof as the use of high pressure equipment is not seen as a safe practice and will do much more damage than the deteriation caused by biological growth. Pressure washing also causes alot of mess not only to your home but your neighbours home too. We clean 100% of the mess away when we clean roofs but if we cleaned by using pressure washing equipment the dirt would be spread so vastly it wouldnt be easy to remove excessive dirt.

How much does roof moss removal & roof cleaning cost?

The price of roof cleaning is probably one of your key questions.
The Roof cleaning price can vary massively due to the size of the roof, the amount of moss, the access to certain areas of the roof, the condition of the roof and the list goes on.
We offer multiple options for roof cleaning which allows us to tailor every job to suit your needs.
We offer free quotes and advice, we are always happy to make a visit and take a closer look and tell you all about the process and options you have in getting your roof cleaned by a professional.
simply contact us for your free quote for roof cleaning

How long does the treatment last?

Often we get asked how long will my roof stay clean, the answer is not as straight forward as many roof cleaners will say. It is impossible for us to say it will stay clean for a certain time as there is many factors, such as the growth in surrounding areas which polenate the roof increasing the regrowth of biofilm on your roof. As a general rule, if you are surrounded by trees and sheltered we advise having your roof treated every 3 years, if you are more in the open in a residential area then treating the roof every 5 years is more than adequate to keep your roof permanently clean. The treatment process costs much less than the initial moss removal and clean. after 3-5 years your roof is advised to be treated with a professional biocide but this does not mean your roof will be covered in moss and discoloured again, it just when the spores will begin to breed on the tiles, perticulary concrete tiles as they are quite a porous roof tile.

Roof cleaners near me

We cover roof cleaning services across Nottinghamshire,
Roof cleaners in Nottingham, Mansfield, West Bridgford, Burton joyce, Heanor, The park, Mapperley, Edwalton, Ruddington, Beeston, Aspley, Underwood, Selston, Papplewick, Blidworth, Rainworth, Hucknall, Watnall, Nuthall to list but a few, We cover all the surrounding towns and villages of Nottingham.

Simply contact us for your free quote 

What roof cleaning options do we offer?

  1. Moss removal which is the lowest cost service BUT is not the most cost effective way of having a moss free roof, as removing the surface moss still leaves all the roots of the moss & algae will still be alive and will begin to respore quickly.
  2. Moss removal followed by a biocidal treatment is the most cost effective way of cleaning your roof, biocide kills and breaks down all biological growth from roof over the oncoming months, as the biocide has a high capillary action it will continue to clean the tiles of your roof as it comes into contact with any biological growth on your roof.

  3. Moss removal, Roof clean & Roof treatment This service will leave your roof looking new from the minute we leave, and stay cleaner for longer as the Biocide treatment will be able to sit inside the pores of your roof and continue to break down any biological growth as it begins to spore.

    Roof cleaning quote

    Simply contact us by sending a message, email or give us a call and we can arrange a convenient time for us to make a home visit and take a look at your roof cleaning requirements.

We have all the correct insurance, training and experience to carry out the roof moss removal & roof cleaning services and have the paperwork on us at all times for your peace of mind.

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